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ART FROM DETRITUS: Recycling with Imagination


   April 22 - May 30, Opening reception  & celebration: April 22,  6-8 pm. 

Synagogue for the Arts Gallery Space

 49 White Street, between Broadway and Church Street in Tribeca.

"The power of art is that it changes our perceptions of reality, making us see things with new eyes, because we as recyclers need this transforming power of art."

  Clifford Case, National Recycling Coalition, Washington, D.C.

"Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination," is an exhibit filled with impressive, innovative, and inspiring art made from trash, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2004.   Fragments of discarded, found, and recycled materials transformed into painting, collage, sculpture, assemblage, and installation will be on display at the Synagogue for the Arts Gallery Space, 49 White Street in Tribeca, from April 22 to May 30.

Since the beginning of time, people have created art from life's detritus because of the inherent beauty and accessibility of  the old or discarded artifact, its spiritual significance, or because trash is free. Contemporary artists, too, are attracted to trash as a medium. By rejecting traditional art materials and using society's wastes to create their art, not only do they give new meaning and value to the trash they transform but also help the environment and our planet.


"This show will enforce in people's mind the value of recycled materials and help transform their view of garbage.  Making art with throw-aways is the ultimate level of recycling and reuse, for people rarely throw away ART," says N'Cognita (aka Vernita Nemec), the NYC-based artist/activist who curates "Art from Detritus."


The 10th anniversary show, which opens on Earth Day, includes the work of: Andrew Bailis,  Beth Bailis, Marcia Bernstein, Richard Brachman, Marlen Bremer, Kiki Brodkin,  Ursula Clark, Joan Criswell, John Dahlsen,  Angela Davies, May De Viney, Kiffi Diamond, Rima Grad, Ula Einstein, Christopher Gibbs, Paul Greco, Fred Gutzeit, Cathy Hunter, Mary Frances Judge, Jamie Kelty, Kathleen King, Olivia Koopalethes, L. Brandon Krall, Diane Kurzyna aka ruby re-Usable,  Flash Light, Barbara Lubliner, Susan Lyons, Iain Machell,  Susanna Macomb, Lynne Mayocole,  Kazuko Miyamoto, Karen Moss, N'Cognita,  Susan Newmark, Stuart Nicholson, Garry Noland, Michael Poast, Emma Powell, Len Rosenfeld,  Alan Rosner, Sura Ruth, Miriam Schaer, Barbara K Schwartz, Naz Shahrokh, d'Ann de Simone, Kathleen E. Smith,  Shirley Smith, Marilyn Sontag, Stephen Soreff, Ljubica Stanivuk, Danielle Stephane,, Sam Weiner aka Evangeline Tabasco,  Marjie Zelman and others..

To schedule group visits for schools and community organizations, contact Marilyn Sontag, gallery coordinator at the Synagogue for the Arts, at 212-966-7141 or, or curator N'Cognita at 212-925-4419 or email

Gallery Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 1 - 5 PM; Tuesday, 1 - 7 PM. Also by appointment. 

Special hours for T.O.A.S.T. (Tribeca Open Artists Studio Tour): April 24 and 25, 1- 6 pm.

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